PVCu Vertical sliders 

PVC box sash replacement vertical sliders are a fantastic way to keep your house looking it's most original while bringing it into the 21st century with regards to a highly durable PVC finish.

No more flaking paint finish.

Massive U value improvements with fully A rated double glazed, multi profiled PVC frame.

Please browse the brochure below and see what a difference we at Stonehenge Glazing could make to your home. 


PVCu Chamfered Range 

A modern designed, sleek and stylish looking window system intended to complement your home in more ways than just one. With the choice of Chamfered or Ovolo internal beading this is a very flexible system to suite your needs, whatever they may be.




PVCu Ovolo range 

A beautifully designed, classic looking window system intended to be sympathetic towards older properties. With a matching Ovolo internal bead this is a simple yet classic system with a little bit of old fashioned charm.



Composite doors 

Composite doors are simply stunning, they are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of exterior doors across the UK. Due to the huge advantages they offer, along with the wide range of styles available there really is something for everyone.



     PVC Feature panel doors 

These classic looking door panels come with a modern twist, our range of PVC panels include classic and modern designs. With over 250 design combinations available, you can either match something you like or create a brand new style just for you.